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31st Jul 15

Renault Zoe Plugs In With Chargemaster

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Renault Zoe Plugs In With Chargemaster
Eco-friendly vehicles - whether they be hybrids, all-electric or otherwise - are increasingly commanding attention from fleet managers and organisations that want to keep their fleet costs low, reap the rewards of beneficial taxation levels and lower their harmful impact on the environment. The fact that green vehicles are now a more practical solution than ever is persuading previously sceptical onlookers to seriously consider the green fleet option.

Renault has recently announced another step in this direction, helping to make the step to all-electric less daunting and more appealing. Renault ZOE owners can now charge their all-electric superminis at home with a free domestic wall-box from electric infrastructure market leaders Chargemaster. Renault is unique in the electric vehicle market by offering a completely free home charging solution. Customers buying a new Renault ZOE will receive a 7kW (30A) wall-box charger fully installed at their home for free by Chargemaster which allows a full charge, from zero to 100 per cent full, in three to four hours. This provides sufficient range for a ZOE to travel up to 149 miles on the official NEDC cycle - comfortably more than most electric vehicle owners' daily mileage. The wall-box is built in Britain by Chargemaster and is weatherproof so can be installed indoors or outside, with a choice of tethered or socketed cables that can be neatly coiled when not in use. The charger is protected by key controlled access and is covered by a four-year warranty - matching the vehicle manufacturer cover.

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