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Our Unique Approach

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Our Unique Approach

At Optimum Fleet we work with our customers to create efficient fleet operations which meet their specific requirements. As we are a truly independent fleet management company, we work with a range of suppliers to maximise value and minimise costs for our clients. This, coupled with our focus on operational excellence and outstanding customer service, forms the bedrock of our unique fleet management outsourcing service.

How we do it

We focus on four key areas:

Fleet Strategy, Cost, Procurement and Operations

1. Strategy

We work with our clients to understand what it is they want from their fleet and align this to the overall objectives of the business.  With consideration of external factors such as fiscal and legislative frameworks, we develop an effective fleet strategy and service delivery model.  

2. Cost of Ownership

We work to a total cost of ownership model, giving our clients full insight into whole life vehicle costs, not just monthly rental figures. Our heritage in procurement outsourcing makes us experts in cost reduction and supply management - meaning we are well positioned to garner maximum value from the fleet supply chain.

3. Procurement

When the strategy and service delivery model have been agreed, we work with our customers to manage the supply chain.  Our extensive knowledge of the fleet supply chain allows us to quickly map the right providers in terms of cost and service delivery.

We leverage our large fleet buying power to secure beneficial commercial terms which would otherwise be unattainable for our individual clients.

Suppliers are monitored through service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) which are agreed specifically with each client.  Any change to the supplier base is always agreed with the customer to ensure they remain in control.

4. Operations

Our customers remain in control of their fleet through regular reviews and the provision of appropriate management information.  Our services are also monitored through SLAs and KPIs specific to each client.

  • Driver communications and management - dedicated driver support helpline ensuring vehicles remain mobile and down time is minimised.  Support in policy control to deliver improved driver behaviours.
  • Policy management - managing all aspects of vehicle policy and process. Managing policy compliance for our customers to ensure all spend is controlled and conforms to business directives.
  • Fuel management - driver or vehicle analysis and real-time fuel transaction reporting.
  • Vehicle downtime - identification of hot-spots where alternative vehicle solutions can be sourced  and mobilised.
  • End of life disposal - pro-active end of life management through effective appraisal and smart repair solutions.
  • Short term hire - hire requests are scrutinised, alternative methods suggested and utilised wherever possible.  Additional hire costs incurred only where absolutely essential.
  • Mileage capture - intelligent methods of tracking and recording mileage.  Managed reclaim process, private fuel management, discrepancies pro-actively reported and resolved.
  • Carbon reporting and environmental management - continuous improvement in sustainability of the fleet.
  • Grey fleet management - ensuring policy compliance and reducing avoidable cost.
  • Cash allowances - managing the administration and tax efficient delivery of cash allowances.
  • Private fuel - tax efficient payment.
  • Integrated telematics solutions - giving our customers control, delivering driving cost efficiency and supporting duty of care obligations.
  • Service, maintenance and repair - managing key suppliers to provide oustanding customer service and driver support  - keeping your fleet on the road



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